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Free Duplicate Key with Unlock Service!*

*Free Spare Key included with any locksmith service call. Customer must have a working key available to copy. Extra charge for Transponder or High Security (Laser Cut) keys. Offer only available if locksmith has appropriate key blanks in stock.
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Locksmith Services in Nashville, TN:

Vehicle Unlocking (Lockouts):

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, don't worry, you are not the first. We have opened THOUSANDS of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, buses, and even semi-trucks. We can get you back inside quickly and without damaging your vehicle. We use professional locksmith tools and methods to prevent scratching of paint or window tint, warping of doors, or disconnection of lock linkages. Our careful but speedy locksmith service can get you on the road and back on schedule soon, leaving your car undamaged.

Keys in Trunk:

Please indicate whether the keys are locked in the passenger compartment or in the trunk when requesting locksmith service. On some vehicles the trunk will not be as easily accessible and there may be an additional charge.

Please note that many vehicles with an alarm system will actually shut down the electronic trunk release button when the alarm is tripped. This can make the trunk more difficult to access. The back seats may or may not fold down. Yes, we can still get in the trunk, but there may be additional charges.

Please be prepared to show your Drivers License or State Issued Photo ID to the Locksmith for vehicle unlocking service.

Lost Key Replacement:

If your keys have sunk to the bottom of a lake, have been left in the Australian Outback, have been stolen by a leprechaun, or possibly even been eaten by your dog..... (yes, we've heard that before) we can help. A locksmith can "originate" (or "replace") a new key (meaning make a key without having one to duplicate). Modern car keys today come in several general categories:

Standard Mechanical Keys: 

These are the regular old keys that everyone is familiar with. They are generally the easiest, fastest and cheapest to make assuming that all locks on the vehicle are original. If you are aware that any locks have ever been replaced and not keyed back to the original key, please inform the Locksmith of this when requesting service. This may create problems when replacing a lost key for some vehicles and there may be additional charges.

Also many older automobiles would originally have come with a secondary door/trunk key. This can also be replaced for an additional charge.


These look similar to the regular GM mechanical keys but there is a visible black "chip" embedded in the blade. The technology in these is not as advanced as that in Transponder Keys, however they are often more time consuming for a locksmith to make. This system was first used on the Corvette in '85, and then later on many models of Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Olds, and Pontiac.

Transponder Keys:

Transponder keys contain a small "Transponder" (transmitter-responder) computer chip embedded in the plastic head of the key. This chip receives a radio signal from the vehicle's computer and bounces back its unique digital password. If the vehicle does not receive the correct password from the key when turned on, the computer will "immobilize" the vehicle (not allow it to start, or only allow it to run for a few seconds). The vast majority of new autos sold in the US today use one of these systems. Replacing these keys usually requires the locksmith to use expensive programming equipment and thus additional charges will apply.

On some systems the locksmith will have an option to erase any old keys from the computer. This would prevent any stolen keys from starting the car. The disadvantage is that if you ever find your old key it would then have to be reprogrammed back in.

High Security ("Laser Cut", or "Sidewinder") Keys:

These keys come in several different styles, they are usually thicker and generally funnier looking than normal keys. These are commonly found on all models of Lexus, newer Hondas, VolksWagen, and several other makes. They require special cutting equipment and usually also contain a Transponder Chip that must be programmed as well.

Remote Head Keys:

These are regular bladed keys, but also have remote buttons in the head of the key. Some vehicles will require a new remote head key to operate the vehicle, while others can use a cheaper non-remote head key as an alternative replacement.

Proximity Fob Keys and Remote Fob Keys:

These have many different names depending on the manufacturer(Smart Keys, Intelligent Keys, Keyless Go) and have a variety of differences. The main feature of these keys is that you have a "Push Button" or "Twist Knob" to start the vehicle that only works when the authorized "Proximity Fob" is in range. There will usually be a hidden mechanical key in the Fob to be used to open the door if the battery is dead. We can program many of these, however we do not normally stock many of them since the cost of the Fob itself can be very high. If you need one of these made please allow us time to check on the price/availability of the required Fob.

On some models, a locksmith may be able to provide you with a cheaper "emergency key" alternative that will operate the vehicle but will lack the proximity or remote features.

Please be prepared to show your Drivers License or State Issued Photo ID to the Locksmith for any Key Replacement service.

Lock or Key Malfunction:

If your key stops working properly and you don't know why, we can help. This can potentially be caused by a number of reasons:

Wrong Key, Car not in "Park", Steering Wheel Bind:

These may seem silly, but an experienced locksmith will always check first to make sure. :)

Dirty Lock/Foreign Material:

The lock may require cleaning and removal of foreign materials.

Worn out Key:

If the blade of your key looks pretty worn out, that may be the cause of your problem. No, you can't just have it copied and have a new one that works, because if you copy a bad key you'll just have two bad keys. Usually this will require a locksmith to originate a new key from the lock, although the worn out key may still be of some help in determining its proper specs.

Malfunctioning Lock:

This can happen for a number of reasons and is very common for some makes of vehicles. A Locksmith can often repair ignition and door locks on scene without having to replace the lock. However, some locks will not be serviceable and will require replacement at additional cost and time.

Common Vehicle Locks Prone to Failure include (but are not limited to):
00-03 Ford Focus ignitions
02+ Honda Ignitions and Door locks (High Security keyway)
Chrysler Ignitions
Toyota Ignitions
Lexus Ignitions

Other mechanical issues that may cause the ignition not to turn:
-Neutral safety switch malfunction
-Electrical switch malfunction
These will usually need to be addressed by a mechanic as they are not really locksmith issues.

Key turns Ignition switch, but vehicle will not start:

Look for a red "theft" or "security" light somewhere on the dash and take note of what it does when you turn the ignition on. If it goes out after a few seconds and stays out (this is usually what it is supposed to do), then your car probably has other issues preventing it from starting. If the security light stays on solid or keeps blinking indefinitely, that would indicate the key may have lost it's programming or there may be other issues with the security system. Please take note of the security light behavior before talking to the locksmith so that he will be better able to diagnose the problem.

Key broken off in door or ignition:

Some vehicles (particularly older Nissans) are prone to this because of a thin and weakly designed keyway. Most of the time a locksmith can extract the broken part of the key fairly quickly from the lock without having to disassemble it. If it requires disassembly to remove the broken key tip, there may be additional charges.

If the broken key was your only key we can remake your key as well. Please save the head of the key if possible to aid the locksmith in re-creating the key.

If you were having trouble turning the key in the first place and then broke the key off by trying to force it to turn, tell this to the locksmith upfront because you may have other issues with your lock and there may be additional charges to fix the original problem.

Other Services:

Lock Rekeying:

This term is often used incorrectly. To "ReKey" a lock means to change the combination of pins or tumblers in the lock to match a different key. Normally when "Originating a Key" (same as "Key Replacement") the locks are left with the same combination. What we are doing is actually recreating the same key that was lost. If you think that your key may have been stolen or if you know someone has a copy of your key and you don't want them to be able to gain access to and/or operate your vehicle, then you may want the locks "ReKeyed" or changed to fit a new and different key.

If your car uses a Transponder System, the Locksmith may have the option of erasing any keys not present. This would prevent any unaccounted for keys from starting the car, but not from working the locks. This is a cheaper alternative than ReKeying all the locks, if you are only worried about someone stealing the car.

On many systems any keys not present MUST be erased in order to program a new key in. If you ever end up finding the old key that has been erased, our locksmith can always add it back in.

Remote Programming and Repair:

Often times a remote will stop working. It may need a new battery or may need other internal repairs. A locksmith can usually repair these by re-soldering the broken connections, but sometimes the remote will need replacement and the new one will need to be programmed in. Beware of buying your own remotes on the internet! If you bring us a remote and need it programmed in, we can't do it unless it is the EXACT right one. We recommend letting a locksmith source your remote so that you don't risk wasting money on the wrong one.

Remote Head Key Repair:

If the plastic has cracked and the blade is coming loose on your remote headed key, we can fix that. We stock new shells for many common remote head keys that are prone to breaking.

Car Alarm Systems, Remote Starts:

Inquire if interested in having one of these installed on your vehicle. Costs can vary greatly with the brands used and the features desired.

House Unlocking, Key making and ReKeying:

Not our advertised speciality, but our locksmiths can open, make a key for, or change locks on most residential doors using common kwickset or schlage type locks or generic variations thereof.