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Lock Repair

Many times a working key will suddenly stop turning the ignition/door lock switch in your car. This can be either a problem with the key (worn out so badly that it is no longer functioning properly) or could be various problems with the lock itself. Sometimes a wafer will get broken, bent, or worn from years of the key pushing it in and out.  We can most often fix the problem by cutting a new key (back to the original un-worn out dimensions) and/or removing or replacing the broken or worn elements of the lock, or in some cases the lock will need to be replaced entirely. Many vehicles use locks that are prone to various malfunctions that happen very commonly including Toyota, Lexus, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Saturn, etc.... Most of these that we see regularly can be fixed quickly at the scene of the vehicle by repairing the existing lock switch. Another common problem is for the key to stick in the on position so that you can't remove it (or even turn off the car). This is a common problem on many GM vehicles and the locksmith can usually repair this very quickly and more affordably than a mechanic or car dealership. If you're having problems with your key/lock not working properly, give us a call so we can get you back on the road today!