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Auto Keys Made

We specialize in car key making even when all keys are lost! We can make keys for nearly every vehicle on the road today, including transponder keys (which require programming into the vehicle's computer). We can also make keys for most of the newer cars that use "Laser Cut" or "High Security" keys. These are different from standard car keys in design and require specialized equipment to cut, which not all locksmiths have. Many locksmiths that don't specialize in automotive work don't have the advanced equipment necessary to make keys for the newest highest security vehicles including Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini, Lexus, Jaguar and more. If you've lost your only keys for your car, don't worry you're not the first. We have made keys for hundreds of vehicles and we can get you back on the road today. We can come to your car's location and make keys on the spot usually within a few minutes. Don't hesitate to call and find out what it will cost to have your car's key replaced. We can also make spare keys while we're there at a discounted rate, as well as a replacement keyless entry remote (if your vehicle is equipped for keyless entry).

Please be prepared to show ID to locksmith for key making.